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We offer Complete Online Solutions to our clients. Your website is an integral part of your business and every business has unique web requirements. Whether you are looking for web hosting solutions, web site design/development or Search Engine Optimization or Internet marketing solutions, you can rely on our team of experts.

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We offer wide range of services including Domain Registration and Hosting Solutions for your Business needs.

Website Design Services from $55

Our Expert and Creative team of website developers felicitate to deliver Creative, Responsive and Search Engine friendly websites for our clients.

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Our ROI focused Website Promotion and Marketing Services has helped our clients to generate more leads and sales.

Affordable SEO Packages from $55

Our Website Marketing and Optimization Experts have extensive live experience in Search Engine Optimization and Marketing. Our affordable Search Engine Promotion Plans start from $55/Month.


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website hosting seoWe offer best Domain Registration and Hosting Services. If you are registering a domain or looking for a hosting solution for your website then do email us your requirements.
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Website Design SEO Services from $55

Efficient Website will help your business to grow. Along with effective web design and development, we offer monthly website maintenance services. Whether you are looking for solutions such as static website, CMS enabled site, Ecommerce Site or just any other then do contact us. Our Website Promotion Experts will help your business to grow by delivering best Website Development India and Management Solutions. We offer best Web Design Services from $55

Effective Website Marketing encompasses various aspects of online promotion including SEO, SEM, SMM, Local Business Optimization and several others.. Contact us now for a customized quote. Our Internet Marketing Specialists will provide you best Internet promotion solution for your business website.
Search Engine optimization is an integral part of Search Engine Promotion where we optimize our client websites on top pages of popular search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search Engine Optimization is a time consuming activity but it will bring better results over a period of time. The minimum timeline involved in any website optimization job is a minimum 2-3 Months. We offer affordable and economical Website Marketing Packages starting from $55/Month.
SEM encompasses various promotional techniques including Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Bing Advertising, and Yahoo Advertising. These services will help your business generate leads and sales within a span of 1-2 days. We offer a variety of Affordable SEO Packages and Plans to meet your requirements. Contact us now for a customized Search Marketing Solution for all your business requirements.
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Benefits of Outsourcing SEO to India

We offer Affordable Packages starting from $55/Month

Along with the growing popularity of search engine optimization and marketing, the actual cost of search engine optimization services has increased considerably. Therefore, you can outsource your website optimization and marketing needs in order to avail benefits of outsourcing.

Search engine marketing is one of the most efficient website marketing techniques and it has helped various business websites to generate more clicks and sales. Search Engine Optimization is the technology which is the backbone of Website Promotion these days. Using a combination of PPC marketing and Natural Website Optimization you can surely help your business to grow better.

However, with the increase in demand for SE Optimization services, the cost of optimizing a website has increased. To reduce expenditure, several companies are now outsourcing their website optimization and marketing requirements to offshore locations such as India which has emerged as the most promising destination for offshore IT solutions. Outsourcing is the mantra of the modern day business which can help you reduce your expenses and increase profit margins.

By outsourcing your SEO services to India, you can avail some of the best SEO packages at affordable costs. Indian IT Companies having specialization in Search Engine Marketing are capable of handling large and small business house SEO projects. Moreover, the services which are offered by Indian Website Marketing Companies are at par with any service firm located worldwide. These are some of the reasons why companies now prefer to outsource their services to Indian SEO companies.

When you outsource our services, you save on time, effort, infrastructure and manpower. Since you are not required to invest in infrastructure, you can also save on making unnecessary fixed investments. Outsourcing helps to remove the burden of changing or maintaining infrastructure. It will also help you save on capital expenditure. Outsourcing can also help you reduce training costs, because you are not required to invest in manpower. These savings will help bring about an increase in your revenue. Your organization can also save on investing in expensive software and technologies.

In India there are several outsourcing SEO companies which are now offering end to end SEO services at economical and affordable prices. Most of the outsourcing companies based in India posses technical expertise which is comparatively higher as compared to other companies located elsewhere. These are some of the reasons why companies in US, UK, Canada and Australia, are now outsourcing their SEO services to Indian SEO companies.

How to Utilize PPC and Organic Search Engine Promotion ?

Natural SEO optimization is the process which can help any website to rank high on organic listing of various search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. Natural SEO rankings can be accomplished by using a combination of on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

If your website is optimized then it will rank higher as compared to your competitor websites. In order to attain higher SEO rankings you need to conform to various standards laid down by various search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Several tests and filters are put in place by search engines which decide whether your website/content should be displayed on top natural results or not. Two essential elements of organic seo optimization include on-page optimization and off-page optimization. On-page optimization concentrates on some of the techniques which are used to optimize a website’s content and coding (HTML) part. Off-page optimization on the other hand deals with the number of links pointing back to your website. If your website has higher authority websites linking back to it, then it will rank higher on search engines.

The entire focus of SEO marketing lies in targeting right set of keywords or keyphrases. Take for example, a business owner who is planning to outsource SEO services to India might search for keywords such as “SEO India”. Similarly, somebody looking for SEO expert will search for “SEO Expert”. These keywords are the main focus area of any SEO promotion campaign, and one should focus only on those keywords which are perfectly aligned with the business objectives of your website as well as business.

There are various websites which are currently availing benefits from organic SEO optimization and are generating more traffic and ROI. These businesses concentrate their resources on achieving higher organic search engine rankings. This helps them in getting more and more visitors. As per the research conducted, it was observed that users click more on natural/organic listings as compared to the PPC or paid listings on various search engines. Therefore chances of generating a sale from a top natural listing is higher as compared to the paid listings i.e. PPC.

SEO India Company BSolutions now offers low cost and effective SEO services to clients worldwide. India has emerged as a world leader in providing outsourcing solutions to worldwide companies. Moreover, there is a higher percentage of IT literate in India as compared to any other developing nation. Therefore you should definitely outsource SEO services to India in order to avail cost effective SEO promotion solutions.

Benefits of Top Search Engine Positioning for your Business

The majority of the advertising choices available today are either very expensive or need more resources as compared to the Search Engine Promotion. These days, one can promote websites through banner advertising, website marketing, Internet marketing or e-mail promotion. But still, despite all this, the company might end up targeting those clients who aren’t interested in these services since many middle and small segment business owners don’t have any plans of draining their online marketing budgets on the different advertising techniques.

Search Engine Promotion SpecialistsBSolutions provides Internet marketing services for clients in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. We offer SEO Packages starting from $55/Month.

Search Engine Optimization as it is popularly known, works like this – if a company’s website ranks close to the top pages of the search results then the chances of generating a sale/query or lead is higher. Search Engine Marketing includes different activities like Search Marketing by paid mediums like Google Adwords or Google Adsense and on comparing search engine optimization with search engine marketing, one can easily find out that the success rate of organic search engine optimization is on the higher side. It has also been observed that if the company’s website ranks on the initial pages of the different search engines then it will definitely receive more visitors and clicks as compared to other websites.

Most companies these days have an active presence on the web as Website Optimization is one of the most popular Internet marketing techniques. These businesses can easily leverage benefits of search engine marketing.

Search engine algorithms have been updated in the last few years, and several new features introduced. Since an expert service provider knows how to leverage the benefits out of SEO marketing using a combination of well-proven search engine promotion techniques, it’s best to utilize his services.

There are several business websites that are targeting the wrong set of keywords leading to failure. These companies follow a click rate model where their entire concentration is on generating clicks, also, this philosophy does not hold in search engine marketing. In search engine marketing, you are optimizing your website for users who are interested in your services and are searching for keywords related to your products or services. There, you must only target those keywords and key phrases that actually reflect your business product, services or objectives.

Take for example, the case of someone from the US looking for an SEO expert, whereas someone from the UK is searching for “Website Promotion expert in UK”. Someone who is planning to outsource website promotion might search for keywords like “SEO Firm in India”. Therefore, you need to perceive your business requirements well and then implement your marketing strategy on that basis. Targeting the wrong set of keywords will only exhaust your budget and will result in a lower Return on Investment (ROI) whereas targeting the right keywords will help improve your ROI rate significantly.
So what are you waiting for, consult website marketing specialists in India, Bsolutions for a free consultation anytime. Our Website Optimization and Marketing experts will help your website generate more traffic and ROI.

Why to Choose SEO India Company ?

There are diverse ways of advertising available these days. Most of the internet advertising ways are far more expensive and less effective as compared with SE optimization. If you prefer to promote your business services/company website on different popular media like television/radio then you will require you to spend big amount of money. However, most of the middle and small size businesses prefer are not to exhaust their marketing budgets on such expensive advertising techniques.

Search engine optimization is one of the most effective and affordable ways of getting traffic. The success rate of SE promotion is higher as compared to any other marketing mass medium online. It is estimated that 85% of internet users search websites, services, products and several other useful sites through popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and a lot others.

The finest thing about Search Engine Promotion is that you concentrate only on those customers who are already interested in your services as they search on various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Here, the whole promotion model is concentrated to target those keywords which are looked for regularly by your Online users. For example, somebody who is planning to outsource search engine promotion services to India might look for keywords like “SEO Company in India” and various others other combination of keywords related to that.

SE Marketing is surely one of the innovative internet marketing techniques which will help your site to get more exposure on various SEs. It will also help you to reach out to a large number of likely customers which will result in better revenue and ROI.

BSolutions is one such company that provides offshore website marketing and website optimization services to clients from across the globe. We utilize a wide range of website promotion and search engine marketing techniques to come up with Top SEO Rankings for the customers.

The services offered by BSolutions are inexpensive and economical and are being availed by our existing clients. Fundamentally Search engine optimization and SEO marketing are two techniques utilized in web promotion. Search Engine Promotion is inclined towards natural search engine results while SEM focuses on paid method of getting customers over the Internet. We will assist your website to improve its presence on different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
By outsourcing your website marketing services to India, you can avail committed Internet marketing services to improve ROI for your business website. Website marketing is a fast growing technology and more and more people are gaining from its benefits with an increasing internet users.

Meta tag SEO best practices by Website Optimization Experts BSolutions

Meta tag best practices are given least weight while optimizing websites. Generally, we find that more website owners give more importance to content, advertising, and other optimization techniques, as m do not have much knowledge about Meta tags. Meta tags are tools used for indexing a website in search engines to make the expected clients get an image of site in the search engine results. In many cases, the image of website is seen in the results with name of the site. Creating Meta tags is a fundamental factor to generate more viewership.

Clear and Concise

Titles and descriptions need to be small, comprehensible, and related to the content of your site. Select appropriate key words to ensure that expected clients do not see a list of unconnected keywords while entering your site. Mention the name and the locality of your company in the heading of your home page while optimizing your website. This would show in particular the kind of viewers visiting your website.

Eradicate Repeats

Make certain all page titles and depictions are not similar, or identical. Search engine results will display results that are related to search terms and hence optimize tags on all pages with different keywords that are related to contents of the page concerned. It is better to display one page in every 50 results than showing 50 pages in one search. Many results may be categorized as omitted results, due to similarity in keywords. Make sure both the file name and title describes the individual page only and is different from other pages in the domain.

Avoid Using Defaults or Generic Tags

Most of the website owners provide default tags for every page, so they are not easily targeted as they are made by selecting the first few sentences of the content, the file name for the page, or any other element present on the page. This shows a clear inattentiveness to your own site, and constitutes a poor message to your customers. Thus, forgoes an important optimization prospect that could increase the selection to which search terms your website could rank high. Similarly avoid utilizing general tags that explain the essentials of your web site, fail to distinguish it from other comparable sites.

Double-Check with Analysis Tools

If you are not sure that your tags are up to specifications for the search engines then tools like Google’s Webmaster can incorporate met tag analysis functions that would help you to decide whether your tags are of appropriate length, adhere to quality standards, and are targeted in the manner you want. In addition, after pages are indexed, you can search to verify whether they appear in search results the manner you want. If they are yet not ranking as preferred, add more quality back links to the website or modify the content frequently to see what best can be done for your web site.

Website Promotion and Marketing for Ecommerce Websites and Portals

Due to increased usage of Internet, eCommerce has become better established. However, search engine optimization (SEO) for eCommerce is not very easy, as it does not permit simple modifications in product descriptions, and link creation is quite demanding.

eCommerce aims to induce more clients to buy specific products or services by securing higher ranked product pages in the search engines results pages (SERPS). Numerous ecommerce websites have inadequate internal linking and non-exclusive user created content, optimization for search engine queries on product and services descriptions. Factors required for successful ecommerce SEO are internal site search optimization to convert unique visitors to reliable clients of a firm’s products or services. Here are some procedures for successful eCommerce SEO:

1. Using precise SEO keywords
Nonspecific keywords are ineffective in search engines. Consumers look for definite products or services and enter precise keywords or phrases in search boxes of the browser. eCommerce website hence needs precise keywords to reach their clients. In addition, these keywords should be classified as per categories like value and item code.

2. Use of typical keyword and description Meta tags

Several ecommerce sites employ Meta tags that are not typical. Though both keyword and description Meta tags do not directly affect the site’s rank in popular search engines, usage of typical Meta tags not only guarantees unique content on all product pages, but also, prevents duplicate content fine.

3. Creating distinctive product descriptions

Several ecommerce sites employ product descriptions that are copies of depiction in the producer’s site. eCommerce websites that use distinctive product descriptions and unique content get higher rankings in popular search engines. It is same with product reviews. Replica of reviews from other sites brings lower rankings. Original content and inclusion of links enhances the rankings.

4. Focusing on internal site optimization: Tips by SEO India 

The majority of ecommerce sites concentrate on keywords, Meta tags and back links, which may not ensure high rankings in search engines. However, internal site optimization ensures high ranks in SERPS. eCommerce sites should include selected keywords to integrate on-page optimization.

5. Focusing on image optimization

Since a few important search engines do not make out images it becomes necessary for ecommerce sites to optimize their images by means of alternate-text tags (ALT tags) by insertion of a distinctive keyword-rich alt tag to attract traffic from Google image search.

6. Choosing the proper eCommerce platform

Presently, the top ecommerce platforms are Zen Cart, Magento and OS Commerce. They are open source platforms with reduced development expenses, wider public support base, portability, and wide range of free plug-ins and add-on features. Custom-build platforms may give customization, but sustain higher development expenditure.

In the end, ecommerce SEO is very important for increasing traffic in a website, giving a clear marketing communication to customers and advance conversion rate optimization. However, for hits, proper techniques have to be employed to enhance site rankings with unique content and niche keywords.

How to Overcome Common SEO Mistakes

Most of the web designers, while optimizing a website and its content for search engines, are liable to make serious errors. Standard errors that is committed while optimizing websites can affect the rankings of web page in search engines in a negative manner.

Some of the foremost SEO mistakes committed are given below-

COPIED CONTENT/Duplicate Content

Websites that have similar kind of content would endure poor search engine rankings. Do not copy your content from other sources as Search engines usually index articles the first time they appear. If another website duplicates the content they would be penalized and experience a low page ranking. So, try to have an original and unique content.


Selection of appropriate Keywords is very essential in SEO. Do not overload your content with too many keywords or put irrelevant phrases, this would lower your web page rankings.

Select the Keywords with care and their presence in articles has to be logical for it to be successful.


Your webpage rankings would not go higher if they were not updated frequently.
You must know that SEO involves nonstop hard work. So, if you want viewers to remain glued to your website then update them otherwise there are chances of your website being penalized.


Most of the website owners only concentrate on optimizing their content and ignore images which holds a large portion of the web content.

Put titles and alt tags in the images for it to rank higher on the Google Image search and thus catch the attention of more viewers to the website.


Selection of appropriate titles for the content can help in obtaining higher rankings for web page in the search engines.

 If you feel that your website has lost its rankings of is not ranking on search engines then do contact SEO India Company for a free website SEO review.

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